The Unrestrictable You 

Everyone is vulnerable to circumstances beyond their control. Such situations can cause despair, frustration, and trepidation. In this book you will find encouraging thoughts and useful advice that will tap your challenge and awaken you to greater possibilities. 

The Unrestrictable You was written to encourage, motivate, inspire, and to keep you buoyed up at your weakest moments.

A New begining 

The year 2020 has seen us through COVID-19, the U.S. election, protests resulting from George Floyd’s death in the United States, protests against police brutality in Nigeria (Special Anti-Robbery Squad-SARS), and other turmoil around the world. Even though some of the challenges we have experienced in 2020 have subsided, the power or spirit behind these activities has not dissipated. 

We have seen white, black, brown, and yellow brothers and sisters standing side by side each other in the fight for…

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"THE UNRESTRICTABLE YOU" is now in the book store.

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