An excerpt from the book “The Unrestrictable You” (The charge) by Kc O’Kerry 

Dreams, they say, are the wings of the mind, we can fly any time. We have been endowed with abilities to be 

the best that we can be. Therefore, nothing is impossible when we set our mind to any endeavor. 

The limitations we experience in life are only a reflection of our negative perceptions; when we change our negative perceptions, our good will be manifest. What I mean by this is that we are more than who or what we think we are. 

Our suffering, and the delays in achieving our dreams, goals, aspirations, are due to a misunderstanding of our infinite potential. For we all are perfection encapsulated in the divine mind waiting to unravel. Everything necessary for our success is already encoded within us; however, the access code lies in our understanding of our oneness with the Infinite. Charles Haanel, in his book, The Master Key System, put it this way: we must be, before we can do, and we can do, only to the extent of what we are, and what we are depends on what we think. 

The perception of who we really are is what determines to what extent we succeed in life. It is up to us, therefore, to wake up to the reality of our true selves. For we are not just mere mortals, but divinity in manifestation, we carry infinite potential within us; we have infinite strength and wisdom. And, as we read in the scriptures, “as he is, so are we in this world,” we are one with the infinite. Therefore, all things are subject to us, no matter what condition we find ourselves in, no matter what circumstances encompass us, no matter what situation befalls us. We can transcend all, knowing that with God, “all things are possible.” And ye are gods.”

Circumstances can compel us to forget our innate qualities, but we all have supernatural powers. Otherwise, how can you explain intuition? Where do ideas come from? Who can unravel the mystery behind courage? We all have limitless potential; this is the reason we need to look within to find that divine mind, that higher self, that infinite soul. 

Until we make the decision to search and find our true selves, unless we connect ourselves to our divine nature, we will suffer for a very long time. And, as the scripture reminds us, “Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most high. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.” In other words, our ignorance will impede our success; it will derail our plans and trump our aspirations. 

So, I implore you, my friends, to rouse the God consciousness within you; see yourself as a victor, a winner, a champion. Push aside those thoughts that belittle you and take a stand among the greats in history. 

It is time to rise up and connect with that source that powers your existence, it is time to live up to your full potential, it is time to exhibit those innate qualities with which you have been endowed. Oh, common man, put your fear and doubt behind and face your future with confidence, knowing that you cannot fail, because that which powers your existence is the same that created the universe. When you understand and acknowledge that the infinite lives and dwells within you, tell me, who or what can hold you back? Is it hunger or pain, is it sorrow or sickness, is it poverty or death? No, in all these things, we are more than conquerors through him that loves us5 and that dwells within us. 

I look forward to reading your contributions and comments as they come from points of clarifications. 

Peace and blessings.

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