(An excerpt from “The Unrestrictable You” by Kc O’Kerry) 

She’s 5 foot 2, she is as beautiful as she can be, a woman that causes men to stop and stare, a beauty so amazing it renders men speechless, a woman every man would want to have for a wife, a natural beauty, full bodied … but she thinks she’s fat. She’s become a statistic of the self-hating women labeled “plus size.” Her confidence has long been eroded, now she lives in fear of a nonexistent fact promoted by ambitious salesmen and product manufacturers. Every time she looks in the mirror, she’s overwhelmed; it’s like a knife cutting deep into an open wound. When she sees fashion models on TV and in magazines, she’s constantly reminded of her weight and size; but in reality, is she really fat? In real life, fashion models don’t come close to what we see on television and in those glossy magazines. Often, pictures are edited; hip bones, collar bones, and ribs are all cleverly refined with Photoshop to make the women look more elegant! 

In Linda Lewis Alexander’s book, New Dimensions in Women’s Health (2007), females account for 90% of the estimated eight million sufferers of eating disorders. Every 62 minutes at least one person dies as a direct result of an eating disorder. This is because many women want to attain that perfect body! A perfection that is not realistic! There is no such thing as a perfect body – tall, short, fat or thin, black, white or yellow – you are beautiful just the way you are! Beauty comes from within, it is a consciousness. The world will tell you who you are but it’s only you who can define who you really are. 

Now is the time to live and be who you really want to be. Your beauty lies in your knowing, appreciating, acknowledging, and celebrating your true self; you are beautiful just the way you are. In this moment, you have this great body as a gift. You’ve got to appreciate what you have! Your beauty consciousness has nothing to do with money, it has nothing to do with your career or position or your ability to wearing popular brands, it’s in the realization of who you really are in the now! Your glory is in your knowing you are perfection made real. Even the Bible said “you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Your beauty is immeasurable and indescribable. Sisters, you’ve got everything going for you: your looks, the way you walk, the way you talk. You are graceful when you saunter down the street in the evening sun, the guys can’t help but slow down their cars, take off their sun shades, just to catch a glimpse of your curves and your backside drumming rhythmically to your footsteps, oh, I tell you … woman … you are beautiful...

                                                                                        I look forward to reading your comments and contribution. Peace and blessings. 

Kc O’Kerry is a singer /songwriter, and author of the book “The Unrestrictable You”. He is passionate about the mind, body, and soul relationship, and how spirituality affects our daily lives. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy at the University of London.

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