When we have nothing to live for, our lives become a burden to ourselves as well as to others. However, everyone has something to live for; our dreams and aspirations, our creative ideas and expressions, our loved ones, all represent some reasons to hang on a little longer. When we neglect or refuse to pursue our passion, dreams, and goals, we lose interest in life, our enthusiasm for living gradually fade away. 

Therefore, there must be a connection between our passion and the reason for our existence? A connection between our purpose and a commitment to fulfil that purpose, a commitment to nurture ourselves, our children, and be fully engage in service to humanity. All these things add meaning to our existence. In the absence of the above mentioned, we have nothing else to live for, suddenly our lives become a burden, and we are frustrated.  

So be engaged in the things you really love to do because that is why we are here.



I look forward to reading your comments and contribution. Peace and blessings. 

Kc O’Kerry is a singer /songwriter, and author of the book “The Unrestrictable You”. He is passionate about the mind, body, and soul relationship, and how spirituality affects our daily lives. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy at the University of London.

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