In a few days, I will be starting "The Pure Positive Moment" series. This will be discussions on positive thoughts and inspirational ideas. If you have read my new book "The Unrestrictable You",  you should have some insights on what…

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NEW SONG - Click image to preview

It's new. It's different. "Sing for Joy" is a blend of music and motivational

message like you never heard before. Click on the link, scroll down and click on Spotify,

Apple or Deezer to preview music


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The Unrestrictable You

Everyone is vulnerable to circumstances beyond their control. Such situations can cause despair, frustration, and trepidation. In this book you will find encouraging thoughts and useful advice that will tap your challenge and awaken you to greater possibilities. 


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As the sub title reads, The Unrestrictable You, is a collection of encouraging thoughts and inspirational jump-starts. You will find this book a valuable companion in you day to day activities. Paper back edition now available only on Amazon.


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