Two days ago an acquaintance called to inform me about a friend who now has a very high job position, she expected me to react with jealousy, or some regret as most people would but I did not. I knew she was disappointed about my reaction but she does not know who I am or where I am coming from. 

I was fortunate enough to have experienced some financial fortunes in the early part of my life as an advertising practitioner and two things were apparent during this period. First, I found that despite all the money I had, I was not happy, there was a vacuum in my life that I could not explain. Secondly, I noticed my passion for writing songs and motivational messages was not diminished rather it got stronger, in other words, what I really wanted to do with my life-superseded acquisition of wealth. 

I have heard people say, “If you do not like money you must be a liar”, this may sound true for those who have never experienced wealth, but if you have, you will think different. Don’t get me wrong, having lots of money is good, in fact money helps you to pursue and achieve your life goals but the pursuit of money itself  as a goal or purpose or reason for living is worthless. Money is not an end itself rather it is a means to an end. What do I mean, if for instance your New Year resolution is to achieve one million dollars by March 2022, and truly by March you achieve that goal, the question is, what are you going to do next? Yes, you have your one million dollars in the bank, but just having it does not serve any purpose. It is when you use the money towards a set goal that it becomes useful. Therefore, a purpose supersedes the pursuit of wealth. 

Everyone at the very core of his or her being have a desire to do something or become something. Most times this desire did not just happen in a momentary flash, rather it has been in your heart since childhood, you have nurtured this dream over the years, hoping some day when the circumstances are right, you will bring your dream to fruition. However, as we already know, dreams do not just manifest, between a dream and its manifestation, we face what we call “reality”. There are bills to pay and mouths for feed etc. Therefore, we pick a career or a job that would give us some income while waiting for our dreams to manifest. Unfortunately, this is where most dreams are abandoned, either the temporary career we chose became financially rewarding, that we forgot our dreams, or we are deeply engrossed in a job that is keeping us very busy but with less time to pursue what we really want to do or become. 

A new year has just begun; this is just a reminder to return to that, which is the essence of your existence. I know so many people have written resolutions and have plans already laid out. However considered first, your life purpose, because no matter what you achieve, your true happiness lies in doing that which you really loved and want to do or become. Pause and consider the direction you are heading and realign yourself with your divine purpose? We are not here for ourselves, if we are, we would have been satisfied with pursuits of money, power, and wealth. The billionaire wants more money and the politicians are constantly seeking more powered, the circle will never end. 

Today, I have found peace with myself. I am very contented with everything that I have, I cherish my present comfort to the wealth I previously had and the joy of pursuing the things that I love to do most, this is the greatest gift life has offered me. Would you want to consider this way of living in your New Year resolution? 

I look forward to reading your comments and contribution. 

Peace and blessings.

Kc O’Kerry is a singer /songwriter, and author of the book “The Unrestrictable You”. He is passionate about the mind, body, and soul relationship and how  spirituality affects our daily lives. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy at the University of London.


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