In the scriptures, we read " Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him" This statement took on a different meaning after I understood the concept of now-ness. That eye have not seen nor ear heard is quite literal but the next sentence says “neither have entered into the heart of man" in other words, in this very moment, this second that have just emerged, what I am becoming is yet to be conceptualized by anyone or anything. No one has ever seen or has any inclination of what I will become in the next new moments that are emerging. I am constantly evolving into an incomprehensible newness. In other words, I am mysterious. 

WE are advised by sages to live in the now, because in the present now, it contains nothing of the past or the future. There are no issues pending, only a now that has never existed and this now continually birth a new now every second. To live in the present moment, means emerging into a timeline, and holding the consciousness of a fresh start, a new beginning. 

Many people are stuck in the past. Their past memories hunt them, this is understandable, but the question is of what purpose are those memories, how are they serving you? Do not look back at your past; the past has no significance, only your present moment does. Those experiences you went through had a purpose, and that purpose was to help clarify your current experiences. The past was therefore useful and you can use it to build the present. Yes, you may have mess up in time past. Yes, you made some terrible mistakes. Yes, you did some shameful stuffs you now regret. However, that was in the past, it is gone. 

Do not worry about your future either because the things you fear may not be there when the time comes. Live in the now, be present in this very new moment. This moment has never existed before, and it holds no record of your past or the fears of the future, it only contains a brand-new you that is born into this brand new timeline. You emerge into this new space in time with a fresh personality; this is your new moment without judgment or record of your past. 

Let no one remind you of who you were. Remind yourself of who you are now, and in this now moment, you are perfect. So live your best life now. 


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