Giving: A Principle and a Command

If anyone asks of you anything, money, physical item or a service, give. Never hesitate, deny, or hold back. Even if it is a little you can afford, just give. Never complain or explain why you cannot. Your refusal to give does you more harm than good. If you can afford to give, do not deny yourself the opportunity of this wonderful experience. Give, because in giving, you are letting go the thoughts of lack or a consciousness of not-enough-ness. 

Giving down play the overwhelming thought of your personal needs, and put you in a positive state of mind and a feeling of abundance. Feeling is a key factor in determining your success or failure in life. Your feeling determines your mood, your mood affects your action, and your actions shape the way you live. When you give in spite of your needs, you are saying to your situation that you are in control,  that your current negative financial circumstance or emotional state has no power over you. At the same time, in giving you are embracing the power behind all things created. In other words, you are saying to your situation that I am not limited by my circumstances; I have more than enough even to meet the needs of those around me. Michael Ruse, one of the greatest Philosophers of our time wrote, “The only truly happy person is the person giving to others” (Ruse Michael (2019), A meaning of life, New York, USA: Oxford University Press). 

On the metaphysical side, the need to give arose because the infinite needed you to expand your space because he has more stuff in store for you but you have no space to accommodate them, therefore you need to declutter, create space by giving to others. 

Giving affirms the law of circulation. We are in a universe that thrives in the law of circulation. The ocean flows into the rivers and the river into the stream and the stream goes back to the ocean. Also the fertile ground nourishes a tree which then bear fruits and the fruits matures and falls to the ground and nourishes the ground  and the circle goes on and on. So also is our giving, whatever we give is never a loss rather it comes back in multiple harvests. 

Never deny the opportunity to give because in refusing to give, you are denying yourself of personal growth as well as restricting the power of the infinite manifesting prosperity in your life. Do not acknowledge lack or any financial limitation, if a need to give arises, be at the forefront, participate, and be nonresistant. Giving could be financial, or a service to others or even a kind word such as “Thank you”, “I love you, Good morning, Hi” they are all gifts that will yield harvest in multiple ways. Giving is both a command and a principle; it is wise to participate in this universal law.

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