Often people consider the concept of spirituality mystical; I find it amusing because we all indulge in spiritual practices every day, however, most times unconsciously. That you take some time to ponder an idea before executing it, or you meditate every morning before starting your day, or have a vision or goal for a project prior execution all emphasizes our spiritual tendencies. These are examples of actions taken beyond physical exercises or what some may call meta-physical. The term Metaphysics is not a mystical term, it actually originated with Aristotle, and it refers to the section of his book that came after Physics.  

A deliberate nurture of your spirituality has multiple benefits. First, it makes you aware of a greater support that is available whenever and wherever you need it. There are moments in our lives that we are overwhelmed with events and circumstances beyond our control, for example being diagnosed with a terminal disease or dragged unjustly before a judge in a court of law by some powerful politician. These are few examples of hopeless situations, but I have  also witnessed what can be classified as miracle because those who were involved in these instances got helped mysteriously through their trust in the Divine only. Therefore, the need to foster our spiritual growth is a necessity we cannot ignore. We don't have to struggle through life because we already have this wonderful connection with the Divine, and through its intervention we navigate easily through life's difficult terrains.  

Many people have turned away from religion and spirituality. There are many factors responsible for this, but the biggest culprit is the religious institutions. Many of them have proven to be unreliable, especially with recent discoveries of atrocities violating human rights, people want to keep their distances. However, abandoning your spiritual development because of some religious institution’s malpractice is like throwing away the baby and the bath water. Being religious and being spiritual are not the same; you can be spiritual without being religious. Though joining a religious group does help in building your spiritual muscles, you do not necessarily have to be religious in order to develop your spirituality. Being spiritual is something you do or develop outside your religious routine. It is putting into practice all that you have learned from your religious and spiritual inquests - in other words, it is a personal journey. 


Kc O'Kerry is the Author of THE UNRESTRICTABLE YOU 

A collection of encouraging thoughts and inspirational jump-starts

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