In the Holy Quran we read in al-Baqarah  2: 269: “Whoever is granted wisdom has indeed been granted abundant wealth” 

Oftentimes wisdom is perceived to be a gift endowed only to a select few, but it is not. Wisdom is both intuitive and interactive. Intuitive because there are some insights we have that  did not originate with our perceptions, at other times they are based on the information we already have . However, having wisdom is crucial to human survival and excellence. 

I would want to classify wisdom as spiritual, because it is not objective or tangible and if spiritual then it must be Divine. Just as we read in the Quran, having the wisdom of the divine is indeed abundant wealth, for with the knowledge of the Divine you can be, do, or have anything. 

So, wouldn’t it be easier, if we let go our struggles in life and surrender to divine guidance? I know it's very difficult to trust what you don’t understand, but sometimes it’s okay to take steps in the dark, and in this case, your steps are guided by the infinite”. Know that a force that is higher than human limitation is working on your behalf.

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