Do not look back at your past; the past has no significance with your present moment. Those experiences you went through had a purpose, and that purpose was to clarify your ideas and plans. The past was therefore useful, it showed you what worked and what doesn't, it showed you what is wrong and what is right. So do not beat yourself up for your past mistakes, it is time to move on. Let go your past and embrace your present moment with the mindset of newness. This is a new moment, a new moment with a renewed personality, a new moment with a clean slate where there is no judgment. 

Listen, you ought to be proud of yourself, you ought to be proud that you are a survivor; you ought to be proud that despite all you have been through, you are still strong. Some people could not go through this, yet you did, yes! You ought to be proud that even though you feel humiliation from past errors, you are still standing, you still have life, and  another opportunity to try once again. You have a second chance to make up for your past mistakes. There is no shame in this, no one is above mistakes. So, hold your head up high; wear your scars of pain and shame with pride because they are signs of a veteran who has learned a lesson or two and is ready to continue with the fight. You could be a victim of rape, or some unlawful incarceration, or some false accusation, your experience is real and painful, but you must take your power back by asserting your Divine purpose, you are not a victim but a purposeful individual determined to succeed in your choice path. Your painful experiences laid a foundation for the resilient person that you are today, so do not look back at your past, its insignificant compared to your destination. 

Do not listen to what people may say or pay attention to the negative thoughts in your head. You are the best in the things you do and no one is ever going to take that from you. Hold your head up high, tell yourself time and again that you are the best that can ever be, tell yourself that you can make it even if all hell break loose, tell yourself that you can succeed under any adverse condition, because you are born a winner. You are a child of the Divine and you are here to accomplish your divine purpose.


Kc O'Kerry is the Author of THE UNRESTRICTABLE YOU 

A collection of encouraging thoughts and inspirational jump-starts

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