A New begining

The year 2020 has seen us through COVID-19, the U.S. election, protests resulting from George Floyd’s death in the United States, protests against police brutality in Nigeria (Special Anti-Robbery Squad-SARS), and other turmoil around the world. Even though some of the challenges we have experienced in 2020 have subsided, the power or spirit behind these activities has not dissipated. 

We have seen white, black, brown, and yellow brothers and sisters standing side by side each other in the fight for justice, equality, and peace. This camaraderie defines the very essence of our existence. We are all one; the human race is but one consciousness; our colour does not define us, our religion does not define us, and our nationality does not define us; no boundary separates us from each other. Yes, we have empirical differences in race, nationality, or skin colour, but at the very basis of our existence is the one unshakable factor that makes humanity what it is − our consciousness. 

The human consciousness embodies love, kindness, empathy, generosity, and goodness. Everybody loves and yearns be loved; love breaks racial barriers, it transcends colour, nationality, and religion. Justice and peace, respect and appreciation, are all attributes deeply entrenched in human nature. Doesn’t this tell us that the human race is much more than the limited perception of what we think it is? 

While we might admit that nobody is perfect, we must at the same time acknowledge that there are some individuals who are not fully enlightened regarding the true purpose and the responsibilities of the human race. Such individuals need to be embraced and educated in the truth found in love, because their beliefs are founded on ignorance. We must never accept the notion that one particular race is better than another; such thought is erroneous and has its origins in fear and ignorance. 

History has shown that there are many men and women who do not see differences in skin colour or race, and who have stood up for their fellow humans in compassion and in the defence of justice and equality − people like Maharaja Jam Saheb Digvijaysinhji Ranjitsinhji, the ruler of Nawanagar, who offered a home for Polish children refugees in World War II; William Wilberforce, a man who couldn’t stomach the evil of black slavery and led a movement to abolish the slave trade. In contemporary times we have Pete Kadens, a white Caucasian male who paid tuition, bought books, and paid for the boarding of all the seniors at Scott High School in Toledo, Ohio, USA, a school consisting mostly of black students. 

These are but a few examples, but they explain my point that all humanity is one. We have one life, one nature, one responsibility to care for and to nurture one another, because we are each but one expression of that one consciousness that pervades the universe. Just as you desire good things for your family, so it is with every individual in every race. We all want success, beauty, and achievements. There is no limitation to what an individual can do if he or she is determined to achieve it. What does this tell us? It tells us that all humanity is one. We feel pain like everyone else; we express joy, love, and laughter like every other person on the face of the Earth. No one is superior or inferior; we are all varied expressions of that one force that brought us into existence. 

There is but one life, it is the life that we all share, and there is but one race, it is the human race. Let us therefore put aside those self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that emphasise the differences between our physical appearances and embrace this one factor that brings us all together, the one consciousness that pervades the universe, and the one love that unifies all things. 

Kc O’Kerry.


  • Oghenero Okerri
    Oghenero Okerri
    We are all but one human race!

    We are all but one human race!

  • Kc O'Kerry
    Kc O'Kerry
    For sure Ghenero, the earlier we come to terms with this reality, the better it is for all humanity.

    For sure Ghenero, the earlier we come to terms with this reality, the better it is for all humanity.

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