Sometimes we forget who we really are; we forget the great battles we have won. When little trouble or some adverse condition appear in our lives, we scuttle for cover, forgetting we are great warriors and heroes. We must realize that no matter what happens in our lives, everything will eventually right itself, nothing is very awful, terrible or lasts forever. Therefore, be calm and stay resolute when going through difficult times.   

We all have had challenges at some point in our lives and we overcame them. Remember those times and let that be your inspiration. There is always good in the midst of every bad situation... if only you look closer. Just as the oyster makes beautiful pearls out of an irritation inside its shell, so also your current challenge might be an irritation preparing you for your next big level in life. So hang in there, because you are at the precinct of a new dawn.   

This thought is not some fancy philosophical concept, rather it is a fact that I have personally experienced repeatedly. When the writers of the scriptures said, “Be anxious for nothing” they spoke from a resounding understanding that good will always come out of any challenging experience.   

Though certain circumstances may seem hopeless, helpless and unjust, for instance the death of a loved one or a terrible accidents or some bad health concern such as cancer or divorce. We may never understand why these things happen, but we must never allow them to overwhelm us, we must move on with a positive attitude. Every cloudy day eventually clears out to reveal a beautiful sunny day, so also your challenge is not supposed to drown you, it will eventually ease out after a while. Therefore, remain strong, be steadfast, and stay calm, it will be over...soon.

Kc O'Kerry is the Author of THE UNRESTRICTABLE YOU

A collection of encouraging thoughts and inspirational jump-starts

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