Many times we break down and cry, blaming people, 

circumstances, and situations for our misfortunes, but our 

unfolding lies in the agitations resulting from our problems and 

challenges. Ask the oyster how she makes such beautiful pearls 

as she contends with irritating sands in her shell, or listen to the 

butterfly as she recounts her frightening ordeal in the dark 

chambers of her cocoon prior to her colourful emergence. 

People admire beauty, success, and achievements, forgetting 

there was a period of gestation, a period of silence, a period of 

loneliness and isolation. 

With every mountain comes a valley, before a rise there is 

always a base, for a new life to emerge, there must be a dark 

period of conception. So, embrace your transition with equanimity, 

because the discomfort you feel in this moment cannot 

be compared to the greatness lying ahead. 

I know you are going through a harrowing experience and I 

am in no way undermining your pain, but I am assuring you 

that this challenge, this pain, this frustration lays the stepping 

stones to the best part of your life. There is no better time than 

this moment; there is no better future, no better opportunity. 

This is a new moment; this challenge marks your new beginning, 

your unfolding, your emergence … your best life 

starts now.


Kc O'Kerry is the Author of THE UNRESTRICTABLE YOU 

A collection of encouraging thoughts and inspirational jump-starts

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