Nobody is born with a label of poverty, failure, or misfortune. We chose our paths as we mature into adulthood. If you took interest in medicine you became a doctor, if you love the arts you became a musician or an artist, if you are interested in business, you become an entrepreneur, and if you have no interest in anything at all, then you become nothing. Wherever your career choice lead, so you become. However, something is significant here, we make these choices ourselves, and by so doing, we decided the fate of our future. In other words, we decide the direction our lives goes, it was not fate or some sort of destiny, or a power outside our control. We decided what we want and that is what we become. We came into this planet with a blank cheque and we filled in exactly what we wanted. We sealed the fate of our future by the choices we make every day. The universe is abundant in supply of everything we can ever imagine or need, and we, like royalties, are born into this massive wealth, to live the best life we can imagine. So the question is “are you living your best life”?   

Humans are full of excuses, if given the chance, anyone can explain away the reason for his or her failure, but in reality, are we telling the truth? Claiming victim-hood is familiar with most people, we tell stories that generate empathy so people would not blame us or look down on us for our failures. A classic example is situated by the pool of Bethesda in the gospel of John 5 verse 8.   

In this ancient little town of Bethesda, there was a pool. They believe an angel stirs the pool occasionally, and whoever gets into the pool first is healed of his or her diseases. By this poolside lived a cripple. He has a narrative that says he has been by the poolside for 38 years, waiting for his chance to jump in and get his healing but every time he attempts to do so, someone gets ahead of him. This crippled man literally lives by the poolside all these 38 long years, yet he found a convincing narrative that suited his situation. He blamed other people, it was their fault he never was healed. This is typical of victim mentality; it is always other people’s fault. Does that sound familiar? What story are you telling about your circumstance, what are your excuses?   

In Luke chapter 5 verse 17, we see a contrasting story. Once again, Jesus was preaching, and there was a huge crowd, the people were so many there was no way anyone could get through. In that crowd were a couple of guys who brought their crippled friend so Jesus can heal him. They attempted getting this friend through the crowd but it was impossible. Therefore, they went up the roof, took out a couple of roofing sheets and ceiling, and lowered the crippled man through the roof. This is pure determination at work. Can you see the difference between the two stories? Now if the first cripple were in this last scenario, he would have said, “Common guys, this is impossible, let’s get out of here; no one can go through this crowd, besides we could be charged with breaking and entry if we go through the roof”. You see what I mean. A man's mind set determines the outcome of his or her circumstance.   

 We all have blank cheques issued us by the Divine when we were born, a cheque that spelled limitless potentials and abundance at our disposal. That the earth and the fullness thereof are for our unlimited enjoyment, yet many people live below the poverty line. What story are you telling yourself and those around you? What are your favourite excuse that justifies your lack and limitation?   

Some people actually are having a hard time due to no fault of theirs but in spite of their adverse condition, they still thrive. Your circumstance and situation does not limit your potential, you can thrive in spite of whatever condition you find yourself. Like I always say, “circumstance don’t define who you are, it’s who you are that define your circumstance” who knows, your situation may be the reason you showed up on this planet, because in solving you challenge, many would benefit from your knowledge and experience. Many people attribute their successes story to difficulties they overcame, so claiming victim-hood is no longer a tenable excuse. However if you are willing to transform your life, you can use your challenges as pivot for growth, and just like the plant that grows throw the crack in the concrete, you can push yourself through barriers and impossible situations. I just want to remind you today that you can thrive in spite of your adverse condition.   


Kc O'Kerry is the Author of THE UNRESTRICTABLE YOU  

A collection of encouraging thoughts and inspirational jump-starts


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