As early as I can remember, I have always pondered the reason for my existence. The thought first occurred to me when I was about 9 years old. At that time, my immediate elder brother, Henry, had just died and the concept of death confounded me. The explanation my parents provided for his death were not satisfactory. You see, Henry was not just a sibling, he was my playmate, my best friend, and I loved him dearly. Therefore, when my parents said God took him to heaven because God needed him did not make any sense. In my young mind I reasoned, there are over a billion people on the planet from which God can make his choice pick, why my brother? That was the beginning of my philosophical inquiry. 

The concept of God and human origin has been a topic of discuss among philosophers for many centuries. In fact, many ancient texts such as the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud, the Sanskrit, point to the idea that we originate from God, and if we originate from God, we will definitely return to God at the end of our lives. Other texts specify that God lives and dwell within us, in other words, our existence is just an extension of the Divine mind. Whether we originate from God or God dwell in us, that divine connection exists because our existence is not separate from the infinite spirit. Now before you roll your eyes and sigh… “Oh here we go again with another new age crap”, please hear me out. 

Various documents point to the fact that when you deprive a man from meaningfully employment, they seek a vent for expression. Nobody likes it when denied opportunity to give expression to his or her idea or thought; in fact, many companies are born from such conflicts. If we go by what we see in nature, we know that everything that originates with nature are in profusion, the sky, the sea, the sand, plants, and animals, everything in nature is looking for ways to expand and express themselves more. There is an evolutionary drive propelling expansion. So also are humans, there is no one without an idea or some sort of plan on how to be creative, or to better themselves or the world around them. We may refer to these pushes as desires or aspirations, yet the whole idea bothers on expansion and going beyond your immediate self and environment. With each push or desire comes an expression (expression means putting your creativity to work). Whatever goal or desire we may have, does not end with us, it will eventually cascade down to the rest of the universe. If you become a scientist, your study will benefit the whole world, same goes for an artist, a musician, or a schoolteacher. Everything has ripple effect, just as the rainfalls, it waters the ground and crops grow  so that animal life can thrive, animals engage in various activities thus boosting the ecosystem, we are all co-creating, bringing ideas into life, both humans and non-humans. Therefore, we notice the law of circulation at work, each category-giving rise to the other, yet each one has specific purposes they serve themselves. 

Now you may ask what does this have to do with human purpose or the reason for our existence. The divine mind is the one power that transcends and permeates all things; plants and animals alike, we all are vehicles of divine expression, we are channels through which the divine essence gives expression, and foster growth on the planet, in other words the purpose of our existence is to be channels through which the divine mind expresses itself. All things are calibrated for growth and expansion, it is therefore impossible to be a failure on this planet. Our existence is deliberate and purposeful and being creative is not just a gift rather it is our nature. 

Man has identified this force and has given it several names such as God, Allah, Divine mind or the absolute etc. but it is the same consciousness that is in all things. Your thoughts or ideas, originate from this source, all things are inter connected, the universe and all that is in it and none of these things exists for their own purposes, everything is giving expression based on its personal desire, however those personal desire cascades as benefit to everything in existence. This is how I concluded that our existence is for divine creative expression, or simply put - We are here for God.

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